Thursday, November 05, 2009

Family Visit

Well it's here and it's a big one!

Grandpa beginning to unload our....PIANO! It came all the way from Ohio, along with a bed and bunk bed frame.

JuneBug had fun playing with the packing equipment.

Anything long and thin becomes a sword!

Playing with his new John Deere camera in his crib, JuneBug was out of the way while we moved in the guest/future JuneBug bed.


Getting ready to make the bed so our visitors had somewhere to sleep!
After things got a little settled Grandpa had to call his brother to let him know they arrived safely. In the following pictures JuneBug was giving his Gr-Great Uncle an update...

Infamous "Morton Maiden Mirror" pictures

On Saturday we visited the in-laws and had a sneak peek at the new puppies. Later in the afternoon the E family dropped in to have a look too.

Mamma Belle and her six babies at 3 days old. They are split evenly with 3 boys and 3 girls.

Everyone had an opinion on which puppy the E's should get.

Here is a sale pitch on one puppy.

Belle is always one to chase anything you throw, even after birthing 6 puppies!

Junebug wanted to play too so he had to find a stick.

He was successful in finding a twig, but I'm not sure Belle wanted to chase it. Especially when it landed right in front of JuneBug. :D
The next day we had to say goodbye.

JuneBug loves to lend a helping hand. It is precious how he notices when someone needs help carrying something. He is especially helpful with the laundry.

Packing up

Getting some last minute cuddle time.

"Driving" Grandpa's truck

"Talking" on the CB radio

One last squeeze!

Smile with Grandpa!

Give him a hug...

and a kiss...

now a high-five.

"Love you and thanks for everything"


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Stephen and Kathryn said...

Looks like a fun, busy weekend!!!!

Junebug is so cute!!! I can't wait to see you guys tomorrow!!!

Love Ya!
p.s. has my big brother grown another soup strainer???!!!!! :)