Friday, August 17, 2012

Toad Pictures

Toad/Tadpole is one of the nicknames for the new baby. I'm not quite sure I like it but he needs a blog name so until I come up with something better (or I end up liking Toad) that is what it will be. :)
Bright Eyes

 I'm winking at you!

First cloth diaper. My friends and relations my be shocked to know that I haven't enjoyed cloth diapering a newborn as much as I thought I would. They have such a little bum!

Newborn sweetness

Tried to get some nice "brothers" shots.

 It didn't work out quite like I had hoped!

But they are still cute!
Sorry for the lack of pictures...I've been kind of busy. :D


Anonymous said...

Tadpole, I think, is cute; but toad is a bit much. Toads are warty and fat; not at all like your adorable little B.

Brittany Alexander said...

Meg, the pictures are precious! (Even if Peanut isn't very happy:) And I have to agree with the Anonymous commenter; I like Tadpole:) Thanks for taking the time to share this piece of your new little joy with all of us! Much love from the Alexander Family! :) :) :)