Monday, June 25, 2012


And the LORD God said, It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him an help meet for him. Gen 2:18

A friend from church got married this past Saturday and we were able to attend! 

Arriving at the church*

(some) Of our church family

T son of a long time friend
Entrance of the Wedding Party 
The three junior bridesmaid's.

The Bride and Mr E.
 Ceremony Pictures


Happy tears!
After the Ceremony
 Brother of the Bride
I took this because he wanted me to delete any that I had of him. I didn't have any. So I needed one to delete. It is now the camera :D

 JuneBug and Peanut

 Seems Pastor can put these two to sleep anywhere. :D Doesn't help that is was nap time.

 T who is keeping an eye on Momma

 E with MH and Peanut. She is keeping the little ones out of trouble!

Weddings are great for catching up with long distance friends!

The start of the picture taking

 Ike and the boys outside helping us find a good spot for family pictures.

Grace and A


Yvonne taking family pictures. She took ours too but you will have to wait (with us) until she gets them edited

Casual photographs 
My handsome little man! **

Too stinkin' cute!**
 The Bride and Groom #1
 The Bride and Groom #2
The Groom and Bride #3
Back of THE dress. It was beautiful!

More wedding photos can be found here and here for those interested. 

*Photo by S.H.
**Photos by K.R.
After looking at the photos taken by the others I think I might need to get into photo editing! Although, then the pictures might never get on the blog!


Brittany Alexander said...

Looks like a lovely wedding! Thanks for sharing the photos. That one picture of Peanut makes him look so grown up!

Stephen and Kathryn said...

What a beautiful wedding! I was able to catch some of it on the live stream!

Her dress is beautiful!