Thursday, July 28, 2011

Peanut Post

Peanut is another month older and we have seen a lot of growth in his life. For starters he is now pulling himself up to standing position. He doesn't really "cruise" along the furniture yet, although the other day he did let go and balance for a few seconds. The army crawl is still his fastest and favorite way to get somewhere (unless you count being carried).

One big change is the length of his hair. Always one for having his boys look like boys, Ike has wanted to cut Peanut's hair for awhile. And if you think 9 months is early for a hair cut... JuneBug's was cut at 5 weeks!
 Papa and Peanut getting ready
In-between (Thanks to JuneBug for this picture) 

I'm still nursing Peanut but he has been enjoying some fruit on the side. A friend gave us a baby feeder that I've stuck different items in and allowed him to chew on. The contraption makes it so you don't have to worry about the baby choking. This morning I gave him frozen blueberries and banana and he LOVED it.


Morton Family said...

Peanut is getting "so big" !! His hairline looks like his Papa!! I love how is trying to pick up the pea and the cute little boy sounds!! Love the Posts!!

Janet Atkins said...

I bought this contraption thing for Caledonia when she was 9 months, and it was her best friend for a long time - I stop short of calling it a "lifesaver"! I wish I had it with all the other kids. I will, however, never put bananas in it again! Oh, the clean-up!
Janet Atkins

Mrs. Atkins said...

Forgot to mention the haircut thing - I just completed 16 years of giving "little boy haircuts" tonight. My "little" man will be 17 in a few more weeks, and got his first when he was very near Junebug's age - the look changed immediately! I just finished cutting all the guys' hair a bit ago!
Janet again