Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Prayer of a 2 Year Old

"Our Gracious Father please help me go to Pop-pum's house and eat goldfish with Pop-pum. Please cleanse me from my sins. With all our strength. In Jesus' name Amen. Oh, I forgot. Please help it to be Mommy's birthday. In Jesus' name Amen."

The topic of our conversations lately has been visiting Pop-pum and Mum-mum around my birthday....and the things we will do when we get there.

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Morton Family said...

Okay...How much more can you make my heart melt!!!!Mum-mum thinks you better come before Mommy's B-day!! I tried posting a comment earlier and it did not work! Peanuts wittle chubby hands makes me want to nibble on such a cute wittle boy!! Sure can tell Junebug has been helping outside! Mum-mum picked up sticks outside! Calling for 50% chance of snow tonight!!!XOXOXOXGrandmum-mum