Wednesday, January 26, 2011


 Last week JuneBug and I re-organized the seasonal/hall closet. By the time I thought about taking a "before" picture I had already pulled everything out... 
...and started to put some stuff away. These are the top shelves in the closet:
This is where the bottom shelves go:
 The after pictures. The top shelves:
 The bottom shelves:
 Clutter from other parts of the house also found a more permanent home in the newly re-organized closet. Thus some of my more frequently used items are out where I can get them easily. The new home of my crock pot (yes, the top shelves of that unit need organized too):
 A couple items were rearranged in this cupboard. JuneBug showing us how much room is available:

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The Alexander Family said...

Meg and Junebug it looks like you did a simply wonderful job!! Doesn't that feel good! You two are quite inspiring. :-)

The Alexander Ladies