Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Great Snow Report (for real)

I did some tinkering and might have blogger fooled. (For a little while at least.) So for real here is our report on the snowfall....

Our lovely little home as it begins to snow

Junebug's first snow. He called it "no"

Let's get some pictures before it melts

It was cold and wet so we didn't stay out too long

But it continued to snow.

In the morning we awoke to this beautiful picture.

Junebug issues a fashion statement in case anyone wants to copy this look at home. "I started the morning in a long sleeved onesie, sweatshirt, knit pants, socks, and slippers. Then in preparation for going outside I added another sweatshirt, pair of pants, and two pair of socks. On top of that was overalls, a hoodie, two hats, mittens, and tennis shoes. To keep the tennis shoes dry I covered them in four grocery bags, two per foot for extra protection. This look is the 'Economical Snowsuit' that you can't bend over in.

Addendum: "You also can't get up if you fall"

The beginnings of our snowman

Everybody say hi to the snow shadow!

What a cutie

Looks like somebody has been sitting in the snow. :)

Figuring out too late that the middle section of the snowman was just as big as the bottom section we set our sights to a huge snowman. Scroll down for more. Oh, and watch out for that snowball Ike is throwing.

Peeking through the snowman

Helping put more snow on his legs.

We almost needed a ladder for this one!

Looks a little tired don't you think?

With a slight lean (his eventual downfall) our snowman is finished.

I think he looks more like the Eiffel Tower.

Aren't we cute? No wonder we have a cute kid. :D
Following is a video of Junebug in the snow.

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Morton Family said...

Did your neighbors comment on your snowman? I love how the little Bug tries to wipe away the snow. I believe the last video is one of my favorites, but I love seeing any video of Junebug!!
XOXO...I could just eat you up!!!
Much Love,