Thursday, March 22, 2007

Another Trip to Ohio: Part 1

Well, here you are, at long last. Just as a note to my viewers, I apologize for not being very regular in updating this blog, but I believe I might have a few valid reasons. At any rate, here is more than you have gotten for the last few uh, months (I guess it has been!). Please enjoy!

Watching the Buckeyes get clobbered by Xavier (it didn't end that way, though).

The "Birfday" Boy

An illustration of a "cheek lock".

I had some words with "The Officer".

I think you can guess what happened here!

"I can make it a sordd, see!"

After the other kids went home we broke out the cool present to play with. It works great! We were knockin' in some long shots!

A brutal "in yo face" slam by the BB.


Morton Family said...

Thanx for ffffffiiiiinnnnnaaaaalllyyyy posting!!! Are you planning to post the balloon smiley pictures from your camera???

WVernon said...

Why? I think they turned out better with y'all's camera than mine. I might post one or two.

Morton Family said...

Thanks for posting! Seeing the pictures big makes a considerable difference than seeing them on the really small camera screen.

In the one with Grandpa and the "Officer", it almost looks like Grandpa is paying for a ticket!

Isn't the "birfday" boy soo

Morton Family said...

Hey! I'm not the first one to comment!! :( But I suppose that is okay, at least you posted. You can come up and shoot "long shots" anytime you want. As if you needed another excuse to come up... :)

WVernon said...

I'll take any honorable excuse I can get! Lord willing I'll head that way again soon. :)

Isaac said...

I like those basketball hoops. I can dunk them! :)