Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Family Vacation!

Well, we're off with a loaded van!


Morton Family said...

It does look like your van was stuffed to the max.
Your older sister looks like she is reading a book that I was interested in from Vision it any good? In that same picture J.D.V looks like he is growing up- he is a big guy listening to his walkman. :)
The youngest Vernon looks soooo cute! Especially the one of her on the patriarch's shoulders.
I could probably comment about each picture but one last one that I really like (besides the self-portrait) is the one of K & S walking on the beach. It looks so precious!
Then there is the kite, and the pink house...I can understand why someone wouldn't want to stay there!:)

Morton Family said...

I love the sunrise/sunset pictures! The picture of the "youngest Vernon on the patriarch's shoulders" is simply precious! Needless to say, I enjoyed all of the pictures.