Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Pioneer Day, Part 2

Warning: The following pictures are being using without permission of the subject of the photographer

In other words, this could get someone in trouble.

I don't know why exactly, but after a while, it seems as though there is a limit to how many pictures per post I can put in without going into the html code. That get's old fast. We'll just put another post in.
Whoa thar, Sasparilla!

I warned Dad about that hair tonic!

Like father, like son!

TJ and his lady (Scroll down to see what happened to her...)


Whoohh! I told her to be quiet!

Ok, back to Pioneer Day.


Dad and TJ build a log cabin.


Morton Family said...

Plowing looks like hard work! Maybe our Daddy could use the tonic on top of his head that seems to have worked so well for your Daddy's beard.
And I must say Mamma V. that hat is simply stunning.
P.S. Tell TJ that we girls are going to be more careful around him, when next we see him, we don't want our faces blown out.

Morton Family said...

A few comments:
1. Mrs. Vernon looks simply charming in that hat!
2.That beard looks very becoming on Mr. Vernon.
3.Let me just say that TJ is...shall we say,learning to be a leader?
4.Ya'll are SO CUTE!!
5.And lastly,you will probbably hear the previous comment repeated many times!

WVernon said...

I just couldn't resist doing that with TJ (and his lady).

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